Pooja for all Occasions

Pooja is one of the methods through which a human being can connect with divine, GOD, or some spirit. Pooja is a practice which shows reverence to them through prayer, songs, or rituals. If a person enduring large amount of pain prays to GOD and make them happy, GOD give him favors in return. The problem might get disappeared from the person’s life bringing him mental peace and happiness. Damages caused due to bad planetary motions could be controlled through the divine rituals performed in Puja. These planetary motions are after all controlled by GOD himself.

You can gain several benefits from Pooja such as

  • Discipline and peace of mind
  • Energizes the bond between human being and GOD
  • Helps in forming a connection between human being and GOD


  • You are unhappy with your life
  • Seeking for inner peace and social harmony in life
  • You are not satisfied because you think that you are not beautiful enough
  • Your married life is full of troubles, discomfort and love – less
  • You are on the verge of getting separation or divorce in your marriage
  • You are suffering from a chronic ailment.
  • You are facing any kind of love or romance problem.
  • You are facing problems in having a baby.
  • You are encountering financial problems.
  • You are having troubles at business front.
  • You are facing property loss problems

Then, organizing a Pooja could answer to your each and every problem. Pooja could be organized anywhere such as your home or work place. GOD will answer to your prayers if you will show your true devotion to them.

Our expert astrologer in India Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji has organized various Pujas for a number of occasions. He knows the value and effects which are generated through the practice of Puja. He himself is a true devotee of GOD. He emphasizes on the purity of both mind and soul through Pooja.

Various types of Pooja would be conducted such as:

  • Pooja for beauty
  • Pooja for career/job
  • Pooja for delay marriage
  • Pooja for education/studies/success
  • Pooja for good luck
  • Pooja for health
  • Pooja for life
  • Pooja for love life/romance
  • Pooja for marital life / marriage life
  • Pooja for progeny
  • Pooja for prosperity
  • Pooja for relationship
  • Pooja for wealth / money / business

Pooja will help in generating positivity into your life and making GOD happy with you helping Them to forgive your bad deeds. It will lessen the ill – effects of planets bringing joy into your life – personal as well as professional.

For organizing any type of Pooja, you can consult or contact Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji in India. He will perform the rituals of Pooja with personal care and perfection.

May GOD Bless you!

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