Kal Sarp Dosha

Kal Sarp Dosha is one of the malefic astrological combinations formed in a horoscope or natal chart. The term Kal Sarp yoga is formed by the combination of words Kal + Sarp + Yoga. Kal means “Time”, Sarp means “Serpent” and yoga means “Combination”. So, kal sarp yoga means that a person is caught by Serpent of time within the axis of karma. In Vedic astrology, there are total nine planets in the kundali and this dosha appears when the seven planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus comes between the malefic planets Rahu (Serpent’s head) and Ketu (Serpent’s tail). This yoga is considered to be more dangerous than any other malefic yoga. This yoga affects a person till 47 years and sometimes, according to the position of Kal Sarp yoga, throughout the whole life.

Kal Sarp Dosha is associated with physical deformity and moral weakness. The person suffering from Kal Sarp Dosha may have to face misfortunes, deceit and treason. This dosha represents unusual and un – expected life situations which native has to experience and endure. While on the other hand, it also has some positive qualities. A person who has Kal Sarp Dosha can acquire a capacity to do arduous work. He or she may gain exceptional success in the field of studies, administration, philosophy etc.

So, the main questions are:

  • What are the effects of Kal Sarp Dosha?
  • What are the remedies to remove Kal Sarp Dosha?

Our world famous Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji in India has studied the subject of doshas very deeply and he has expertise in this subject. He has several effective Kal sarp yoga remedies or Kal Sarp Dosha Remedies.

There are some effects which a person may have to endure during Kal Sarp Dosha:

  • The person may have to face poverty and destruction of wealth.
  • The person may have to endure career problems such as loss of job.
  • The native may have to see financial losses and destruction of business.
  • The person may find lack of mental peace and always get into disturbing situation.
  • Treachery from friends or business partners.
  • Hurdles or troubles in important and auspicious work.
  • Lack of self – confidence and more confusion in life.
  • Deterioration of health, more health problems and reduces longevity of life.
  • Poor relationships with family members, friends and colleagues.

Following are some of Kal Sarp Dosha Remedies:

  • Pray Lord Hanuman every day.
  • Worship Rahu daily and chant Rahu Chalisa
  • Perform Nagdosh Nivaran Pooja in order to keep away the malefic effects of Rahu. Nagdosh Pooja is usually performed on Monday or on Wednesday.
  • Give sugar to ants and feed fishes.
  • Donate urad daal, black til, blue clothes, and woolen black blanket to any needy person.

For further details and complete information on Kal Sarp Dosha and remedies to remove Kal Sarp dosha, you can contact and meet Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji in India. His guidance will help you in getting out of any type of miserable life situation.

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