Love & Marriage Prospects in Horoscope

As we all know, love and marriage is one of the major aspects of human life. No human being can survive happily without love and support in his life. Every person on Earth seeks for a good partner in his or her life. Astrology can tell love and marriage prospects of a person.

In earlier days, parents of the girl or boy chose life partners for their child. But now a day, as the era is changing so as the thinking of young generation. The young persons want to choose life partners on their own. They connect with all sorts of persons in their daily lives through social networking, work places, matrimony sites etc. They want to see and compare all the aspects of a love and an arrange marriage for themselves. Luckily astrology can help them by making marriage predictions and helping them to look their marriage prospects.

If questions such as

  • Will I ever find my soul mate?
  • When will I find my suitable partner?
  • Will I have suitable compatibility and mutual compatibility with my life partner?
  • When will I find love and get married?
  • Will I be happy and comfortable in my married life?
  • Which type of marriage – love or an arrange marriage will be suitable for me?
  • What should I do if I have any dosha in my kundali?

Arises in your mind, then study of astrology can help you in finding solutions to these riddles.

World famous expert Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji in India can study your kundali and make love predictions & marriage predictions. He is number one astrologer in India who can help you in choosing suitable life partner for marriage life. He will analyze the placement of Venus in your horoscope along with the position of seventh house and its lord. He will also check the position of planets in the natal chart and ongoing Dasha – Bhukati. If the person does not have his natal or birth chart, he will generate all the required charts for the person after having accurate birth details i.e. birth date, birth month, birth year and time of birth. Other than these details, Pandit ji will also need birth city and birth country of the person.

Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji will tell about the compatibility of girl and boy by comparing the number of gunn Milan technique. He will read both the kundali of boy and girl and make calculations to see how many gunn of boy’s kundali matches with girl’s kundali. If suitable number of gunn matches for girl and boy, only then he will recommend the marriage.

Sometimes, certain doshas appear in any of the two kundali of boy or girl. In that case, Astrologer Ravi Bhargav Ji will provide you upaya or Lal Kitab Remedies to overcome or reduce the effects of doshas. Each of doshas has different remedy for it. Pandit ji will provide certain mantras to chant which will make the marriage successful.

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